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Information About Green Coffee Bean Extract - A Promising New We

<br/> <br/> <br/>Coffee has been around for centuries, since it was discovered in Ethiopia, supposedly by a goat herder in the 9th century. However, the premise that you can lose weight with green coffee bean extract is a fairly new discovery. Green coffee bean extract is classed as a natural product because it is made from the unroasted, unprocessed green coffee beans. You have to be watchful, however, because some manufactures add artificial ingredients to their formulations. The focus of this report is to give you enough information so you can make an intelligent decision regarding your use of green coffee bean extract.<br/><br/>For using green coffee bean extract for weight loss, it's important that you know exactly what the right dosage is for you to take. If you take a look at the different diet supplements, you'll see that the amount of green coffee bean extract contained varies by manufacturer. In most studies, subjects were taking 1,000 mg of green coffee bean extract (the equivalent of two 500 mg capsules) two times per day. So the daily dosage is 2,000 mg. Experts recommend that when you start on a new supplement, take it at a lower dosage and gradually increase the dosage over time. There's another reason for the green coffee bean extract's popularity. A number of well known and reputable doctors and experts in the medical field have given it the thumbs up as a weight loss supplement. Celebrity endorsements can make a big difference in boosting an item's popularity. Take for example Dr. Oz, a popular doctor who has his own TV show. In one of the episodes, he endorsed green coffee bean extract. His show is widely watch by millions and as result, this alone pushed green coffee bean extract to the top of the list of popular weight loss supplement. Though not as popular as Dr. Oz, Lindsay Duncan is a well-known holistic doctor who also recommended green coffee bean extract for weight loss. Because the quality of the extract often varies from one brand to the next, it's worth bringing up the fact that both doctors suggest taking only green coffee bean extract in its pure form.<br/><br/>Your next question may be where is a good place to buy this supplement? Because this supplement has gained popularity so quickly, due to its effectiveness, there are numerous places where it can be purchased. It might be found at your local health food store or vitamin shop. Of course, you will find countless sites on the internet that are selling green coffee bean extract. It's your choice, of course, whether to shop on the internet or at your local vendors. Regardless of where you buy your green coffee bean extract, make sure you choose a reliable brand. It's not hard to find honest, actual reviews and testimonials by customers of the product you may want to purchase. So, take the time to find and read some of these. Of course, the real test is whether or not it works for you. When you find that perfect product that satisfies you, stay with it until you reach your weight loss goal. <br/><br/>Are you still searching for a weight loss supplement that actually works? You owe it to yourself to give green coffee bean extract an honest try. There are no reported side effects to green coffee bean extract and all of the scientific studies and research have been positive. The only folks who should restrict how much green coffee bean extract they take each day are those who are sensitive to caffeine. There are many brands of green coffee bean extract on the market today, so you should look for one that has a good track record.

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