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Nuclear Stress Test Facts You Need to Know About

<br/> <br/> <br/>Each year millions of people are diagnosed with heart related problems. There are some ranges of age that do not fall into this category. But obviously, there are particular situations and risk factors that go over all types of age and can be applied to just about anyone. Luckily, modern medicine has the ability to diagnose and treat a lot of different heart conditions in a satisfactory manner. There are numerous available resources for cardiologists and the stress test has been shown to be an excellent tool for diagnosing heart disease efficiently. We will discuss numerous areas as they relate to tests and heart disease.<br/><br/>One version of the nuclear stress test relies on the use of a radioactive compound referred to as Thallium. You need to remember that the quantities used are minimal and do not cause any adverse effects to the body. Thallium's radioactive levels also decrease over time and it is quickly eliminated from the body via natural means.<br/><br/>Thallium helps to create an image of your heart chambers so that doctors can get an idea of their size. That gives doctors a good idea about the state of your heart as well as other information. Additionally, doctors will be able to tell how well the heart can pump blood. By analyzing these images, doctors can also determine whether or not the heart has suffered any damage. <br/><br/>A regular type of stress test is the Isotope stress test. In the case of this test, isotope represents a group of chemicals that have very low radioactivity levels. The isotope stress test is another name for the nuclear stress test. One of these isotopes can be Thallium.<br/><br/>Particular combinations of these isotopes go under brand names such as Cardiolite and Myoview. Much depends on the specific method employed for the test, and another common name for a specific type is the dual isotope stress test. What happens is healthy heart muscle will absorb more of the radioactive tracer material and that will be easily imaged and detected by doctors.<br/><br/>It is of the utmost importance that your heart gets the correct amount of blood supply levels during the time that you are extremely stressed. Stress tests might be ordered by your doctor for other reasons like trying to determine if a particular medicine will work for a particular form of heart disease. Such medications are often prescribed for angina and other symptom control. Another extremely important application is to assess how well a particular medical procedure is performing such as bypass operations or the use of stints. Many times people can have a heart beat that becomes abnormal and a stress test is a way by which this can be observed. <br/><br/>As you can see, there are plenty of uses for the cardiac stress test. Your cardiologist is the person who is the best professional to diagnose any particular circumstance. It is very vital that you account for the fact that all tests are restricted in some way and that the cardiac stress test has the same restrictions. A lot depends on getting the right conditions such as the best heart rate. Stress tests with images depend on how good the images are. There are also a lot of natural things that can be a problem for image quality too.

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